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There are various items that can be picked up around the castle. Many of the items are labeled as "Maybe" in the Required column because it depends how you solve the Santavator challenge. "Required" assumes you complete the Santavator game "as intended," instead of using JavaScript-fu to bypass it.

Item Location Required
Service Key Talk to Sparkle Redberry Yes
Green Light Bulb Courtyard, left side Yes
Red Light Bulb Talks Lobby, right side Yes
Yellow Light Bulb Roof, left side Yes
Floor 1.5 Button Speaker UNpreparedness Room Yes
Proxmark Wrapping Room Yes
Broken Candy Cane Entrance between Front Lawn and Entryway Maybe
Hex Nut 1 Entryway, right side Maybe
Hex Nut 2 Dining Room, top of table Maybe
Marble 1 Unknown Maybe
Marble 2 Workshop Maybe
Rubber Ball Wrapping Room Maybe
Portals Speaker UNpreparedness Room, Vending Machine Maybe