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"Santa's" Portrait

KringleCon back at the castle, set the stage...

But it's under construction like my GeoCities page.

Feel I need a passport exploring on this platform -

Got half floors with back doors provided that you hack more!

Heading toward the light, unexpected what you see next:

An alternate reality, the vision that it reflects.

Mental buffer's overflowing like a fast food drive-thru trash can.

Who and why did someone else impersonate the big man?

You're grepping through your brain for the portrait's "JFS"

"Jack Frost: Santa," he's the villain who had triggered all this mess!

Then it hits you like a chimney when you hear what he ain't saying:

Pushing hard through land disputes, tryin' to stop all Santa's sleighing.

All the rotting, plotting, low conniving streaming from that skull.

Holiday Hackers, they're no slackers, returned Jack a big, old null!