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Objective 3: Point-of-Sale Password Recovery


Help Sugarplum Mary in the Courtyard find the supervisor password for the point-of-sale terminal. What's the password?

TL;DR - Answer


It's possible to extract the source code from an Electron app.

There are tools and guides explaining how to extract ASAR from Electron apps.


Let's see what Sugarplum Mary has to say:

Hey, wouldja' mind helping me get into my point-of-sale terminal?

It's down, and we kinda' need it running.

Problem is: it is asking for a password. I never set one!

Can you help me figure out what it is so I can get set up?

Shinny says this might be an Electron application.

I hear there's a way to extract an ASAR file from the binary, but I haven't looked into it yet.

If we try to access the terminal, we are met with this screen:

We download this offline version for inspection, and discover that it is a Windows executable installer, specifically a Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) installer. At this point we could run the installer on a Windows machine, but instead we will use 7zip to analyze and extract the contents of the installer.


If the 7z command is not found, on Debian-based system it can be installed with sudo apt install p7zip-full

$ 7z l santa-shop.exe 


   Date      Time    Attr         Size   Compressed  Name
------------------- ----- ------------ ------------  ------------------------
                    .....                      6931  $PLUGINSDIR/System.dll
                    .....                     45608  $PLUGINSDIR/StdUtils.dll
                    .....                      4615  $PLUGINSDIR/SpiderBanner.dll
                    .....                      2027  $PLUGINSDIR/nsProcess.dll
                    .....                      3299  $PLUGINSDIR/nsExec.dll
2020-12-04 12:47:24 .....     49323645     49323645  $PLUGINSDIR/app-64.7z
                    .....                    242382  $PLUGINSDIR/nsis7z.dll
2020-12-04 12:47:26 .....                    113298  Uninstall santa-shop.exe
                    .....                      1080  $PLUGINSDIR/WinShell.dll
------------------- ----- ------------ ------------  ------------------------
2020-12-04 12:47:26           49323645     49742885  9 files

Let's extract the 7z file to see what it contains. We're given a hint about ASAR files, so let's focus on those.

$ 7z e santa-shop.exe "app-64.7z" -r
$ 7z l app-64.7z| grep "asar"
                    ....A       136143       115548  resources/app.asar
$ 7z x "app-64.7z" "resources/app.asar"
cd resources
At this point we need a tool to extract files from app.asar. The hints suggest we look at, so let's install node and this package. asar requires node v10+, so the version that is in many repos will be too old. On a Debian-based system:

tar xf node-v14.15.2-linux-x64.tar.xz
cd node-v14.15.2-linux-x64/bin
./npm install asar


Since we did not setup PATH variables when installing node, you will need to execute node and asar via relative paths, and pass in the ASAR file either relative to your current location, or as an absolute path

We can use the asar package to list the contents of the file with list, and extract a file with extract-file. Of particular interest is main.js as the password is at the top of the file:

$ ./node_modules/asar/bin/asar.js extract-file ASAR_FILE main.js
$ head main.js
// Modules to control application life and create native browser window
const { app, BrowserWindow, ipcMain } = require('electron');
const path = require('path');

const SANTA_PASSWORD = 'santapass';