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CAN-Bus Investigation

Wunorse Openslae:

Hiya hiya - I'm Wunorse Openslae!

I've been playing a bit with CAN bus. Are you a car hacker?

I'd love it if you could take a look at this terminal for me.

I'm trying to figure out what the unlock code is in this CAN bus log.

When it was grabbing this traffic, I locked, unlocked, and locked the doors one more time.

It ought to be a simple matter of just filtering out the noise until we get down to those three actions.

Need more of a nudge? Check out Chris Elgee's talk on CAN traffic!

TL;DR - Answer


On the left side of the roof near the sleigh (see map)


You can hide lines you don't want to see with commands like cat file.txt | grep -v badstuff

Chris Elgee is talking about how CAN traffic works right now!


The easiest way to accomplish this challenge is to wait until you are Santa (after completing Objective 5). As Santa, you can access the sleigh on the roof. To start, let's set up filters to hide all of the recurring messages

ID Operator Criterion
018 Equals 000000000000
244 Equals 000000000000
188 Equals 000000000000
019 Equals 000000000000
080 Equals 000000000000
19B Equals 0000000F2057

At this point there shouldn't be any new messages scrolling across the screen. Now we can press the Lock and Unlock buttons and see only the messages we care about. Pressing Lock produces the message 19B#000000000000, and Unlock produces the message 19B#00000F000000. With this knowledge we can go to the CAN-Bus terminal and grep for just the Unlock message.

elf@9a18d3ed4716:~$ ls
candump.log  runtoanswer
elf@9a18d3ed4716:~$ grep "19B#00000F000000" candump.log 
(1608926671.122520) vcan0 19B#00000F000000
elf@9a18d3ed4716:~$ ./runtoanswer 122520
Your answer: 122520

Your answer is correct!
Submit the decimal portion of the timestamp (122520) to runanswer to complete the challenge.


./runtoanswer 122520