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Speaker UNpreparedness Room - Door

Bushy Evergreen:

Ohai! Bushy Evergreen, just trying to get this door open.

It's running some Rust code written by Alabaster Snowball.

I'm pretty sure the password I need for ./door is right in the executable itself.

Isn't there a way to view the human-readable strings in a binary file?

TL;DR - Answer


Just outside the Speaker UNpreparedness room in the Talks Lobby (see map)


The strings command is common in Linux and available in Windows as part of SysInternals.


The door binary contains the password in plaintext. Completing this challenge is as simple as:

elf@e31cd7d29570 ~ $ strings door |grep "password"
/home/elf/doorYou look at the screen. It wants a password. You roll your eyes - the 
password is probably stored right in the binary. There's gotta be a
Be sure to finish the challenge in prod: 
And don't forget, the password is "Op3nTheD00r"