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Unescape Tmux

TL;DR - Answer


Top-left corner of the Front Lawn (see map)


There's a handy tmux reference available at!


When we connect to the terminal we are met with the MOTD:

Can you help me?

I was playing with my birdie (she's a Green Cheek!) in something called tmux,
then I did something and it disappeared!

Can you help me find her? We were so attached!!

We can check the current tmux sessions using the ls command

elf@2e444f27fe4b:~$ tmux ls
0: 1 windows (created Wed Dec 16 17:31:38 2020) [80x24]

The list shows a single, unnamed session 0. Let's attach to that session

elf@2e444f27fe4b:~$ tmux attach -t 0

Aha! There's the birdie.

Practice moving around tmux as it will be very helpful when you get to Objective 9


Execute tmux attach -t 0